Weekend relaxation in Spa Tervis, 2 nights Fri-Sun

The price of 2 night relaxation package “Weekend relaxation” includes:

  • 1 relaxing treatment from the following list during the period
    o tension-alleviating classical massage 45 min
    o face treatment with peeling, face massage, and a suitable eye cream and day cream 45 min
    o body treatment with a mild soothing massage, whole body peeling and richly nutritious and moisturising oil applied on your body 45 min
  • 1 relaxing procedure during the period from the following list:
    o herbal pearl bath with versatile effect
    o toning showers
    o paraffin mask for hands
    o paraffin-ozocerite treatment relieving muscle strains
    o underwater shower massage
    o salt therapy
    o whirlpool for feet
  • various enjoyable sauna pleasures in the sauna and water centre during opening hours
  • fitness gym during opening hours
  • tasty dinner on the day of arrival
  • tasty breakfast and dinner on the second day
  • tasty breakfast on the day of departure
  • accommodation in a comfortable twin/double room 2 nights (from Friday to Sunday)
Water center entrance
Entrance to saunas

What exactly does the package include?


Tervis Medical Spa Hotel is the largest spa in Estonia, offering its unique and professional spa treatment services over 50 years. In addition to a renovated hotel for 494 guests that meets every requirement, there are also a therapy complex, sauna and water centre, restaurants and bars, a sports centre, a conference centre and shop at your service.

We invite you to spend a relaxing vacation or to undergo health treatment in Tervis Medical Spa Hotel. We offer a wide range of relaxation packages and spa treatments, among which every customer will find something suitable. We offer you help in case of complaints about the bone and joints system as well as about cardiac, vascular and peripheral neural systems. Health-improving treatment is ideal for older and younger people who want to stay healthy and prevent health problems.

Welcome to enjoy your healing vacation!

A la carte restaurant
Charging electric cars
Water center
Seminar rooms


A decent meal in the morning makes you happy for the rest of your day!
A versatile breakfast in our buffet restaurant includes traditional breakfast dishes as well as special healthy components.


Our methods of spa treatment are developed on the basis of extensive scientific research. Tervis Medical Spa Hotel offers a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation treatments, as well as diagnostic services at advanced level. Consultation of professional health resort doctors will help you to select the most appropriate of the procedures offered.


For those who would like to stay at our spa with their children, we offer a special children’s package that includes:

various enjoyable sauna pleasures in the sauna and water centre during opening hours
accommodation in your room, sleeping in an extra bed
a delicious buffet breakfast and dinner.

The children’s package does not include therapeutic procedures or spa treatments.
Ask for more information about children´s package sales@spatervis.ee.