Vacation in Sanatorium

The package includes:

• accommodation in the Sanatorium Hotel

• dinner (17-19) and breakfast (8-10)

• unlimited access to water park, saunas and gym on opening hours during the duration of the package. NB! The water park is located 300 m from Sanatorium building.

Water center entrance
Entrance to saunas

What exactly does the package include?


Värska Health Resort Centre is located in the South-Eastern corner of Estonia. In Setomaa, far away from the big cities. Värska Resort Therapy center was opened in 1980. The Water Park partly running on mineral water was built in 2007.

This facility is known for the freshwater mud and famous Värska mineral water used here. The mud is taken out from a local lake and it is considered one of world’s most unique therapeutic muds. It allegedly has no alternative. This mud is ten times richer than therapeutic sea water mud and contains hydrogen sulphide. The mud is mixed with extremely salty 570 millions of year old Värska mineral water – a combination one of a kind for sure.

Unique is also one of the medical treatments here – Värska Health Resort Centre is the only spa in Estonia that offers mineral water baths. The water used is rich in microelements, generally reinforcing and calms the central nerve system.

Children playroom
Free parking
Charging electric cars
Water center
Seminar rooms


Every day 8-10. Our cuisine is dominated by simple and familiar homemade flavours, and we use as many natural ingredients as possible from local farmers and small producers.